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holistic healing

for health and happiness

holistic healing

for health and happiness

creative life management

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learn about Dr. Rish Kucera

Vedantin Rev. Dr. E. Rish Kucera DEM, CBFC. is a Doctor of Energy Modalities, Spiritual Adviser, Counselor, and a Certified Brain Fitness Coach. His focus on healing combines different fields like intuitive reiki, sound healing, light therapy, mind reset therapy, and ancient wisdom knowledge that interconnect to create the optimal solution that's unique for each customer and their particular situation. 

His nonlinear approach to each situation has established a wide range of followers and clients that seek his help and advice in difficult situations and medical conditions where their beliefs in allopathic medicine don't bring satisfying results. His treatment focuses on not just healing the current situation but to get to the cause of the problem and igniting and guiding the process of deeper self-healing. He has been helping people for over 20 years in different countries. 

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spiritual services

why aionveda? benefits & outcomes

Deeper self awareness

Improved health

Boosts immunity system

Increased energy

Emotional release of the past

Increased happiness

Deepen love and connection

Understand the purpose of life

clients testimonials

I believed in western medicine till my problems showed up again. I followed an advice from a friend, to try alternate therapy. I tried the Reiki sonic therapy which was amazing. After three sessions, I was able to regain feeling and strength. I also followed the advice in diet change and started making more progress with natural healing. My life is renewed because of Erik

Milan S.

My youngest daughter was often sick, from being in contact with other kids in the school. I was going from one doctor to another, always using antibiotics and saw my daughter always tired and sleeping. I took the food therapy session and changed her diet. It works great. My daughters immunity is up and she enjoys playing outside with kids and doesn’t get sick as often.

Rosie J.

I decided to try remote distance energy healing session with Erik after being referred by a friend. It was my first experience and I felt an energy going through me that’s hard to describe. The other session was like a little river or waterfall that was streaming through my whole body. Amazing and very healing and relaxing. All my pain went away.

Dana K.


Benefits of Vibro acoustic healing

Vibroacoustic Therapy is an FDA-approved, safe, drug-free,non-invasive approach to healing. It is a type of music-sound therapy thatinvolves passing low-frequency sound wave vibrations into the body.

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Benefits of Reiki Sonic Therapy

Reiki Sonic therapy as alternative holistic healing for all physical issues, illnesses, disease, or anxiety, grief, stress, trauma, stress and more. How this amazing therapy works.

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Understanding Holistic Energy Healing and its Importance

Whatever style of healing you opt for, it will make you happy, healthy & successful. So why not give it a try? Understand holistic energy healing a bit better with Aionveda.

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frequently asked questions


What is energy healing?

Our body is powered by energy. The major well-known energy centers are the seven chakras which are placed in seven different points in our body. They are associated at all levels: spiritual, emotional and physical. These centers are responsible for distributing the life energy, also known as Qi or Prana. Our health can be maintained only when our system is aligned and the energy is flowing smoothly. One of the main causes for illnesses is imbalance in the flow of energy across the body through these energy centers. When the energy blockages are removed and all the cells, tissues and muscles are stimulated to be balanced to the right vibrational frequency, the process of natural healing guided by our own brain can start and you will see profound shifts in your physical and emotional health.


Please tell us about your healing therapy and why it is different.

I focus on holistic healing that is much more complex and penetrates deeper. My focus is to get body, mind, emotions and spirit in alignment. Due to my interest in many natural healing modalities like sound healing, color therapy, intuitive reiki healing. I have been able to develop my own unique healing practices. It’s a combination of years of my studies and experience and my spiritual intuition. I have been experimenting the last couple of decades till I perfected techniques that penetrate the body much more deeper and yield results quickly. Today people are looking more and more towards alternative healing and are leaning towards the natural approach


Which type of people should consider therapy with you?

Energy treatment is for everyone. It's like having our daily nutrition to keep ourselves in the best of health. For healthy and fit people we have regular rejuvenation treatments to continue to be aligned and help the energy to flow without any blockages and keep them energized. For others who may have physical or psychosomatic issues, we take a step by step approach which includes changes in lifestyle, food and removing internal blockages and treating them from the core. Once they are healthy, we move them to more regular rejuvenation sessions to continue to remain healthy.

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