restore your health and energy

Healing and counseling complete therapy
We combine reiki vibrational energy with counseling to provide complete holistic healing
Vibro Acoustic healing
Balance and align your body, reduce pain and speed up your recovery
Reiki sonic treatment
We combine reiki vibrational energy with sound therapy to focus on specific areas of your physical and emotional bodies.
Coaching and Counseling
Guidance to gain unprecedented insight into your life and find the right answer for every situation.
Gift Certificate
Most valuable gifts you can give is a chance for infinite wellbeing. Aionveda’s gift as a start for healing and rejuvenation.
Emergency Appointment
Emergency appointment For urgent or traumatic situations, we are happy to move our schedule to accomodate you. Please call us before purchase.
Donate If you are happy with our services and would like to donate to our healing center please feel free to donate here.