Benefits of Reiki Sonic Therapy

Reiki Sonic Therapy: Creating Coherence and Balance with Sound and Energy

As a practicing Reiki healing therapist, I have developed a technique that combines the benefits of vibrational medicine through sound and vibration with bio-energy medicine. When we see patients, we must realize that it is not only the physical body but also mental health that influences their condition. Mental health is based on emotional intelligence and a spiritual approach to life itself. Accepting this approach and healing must be from free will with an open mind to see and experience a different way of medicine of the future, even when it has been successfully used around the world from ancient civilizations.

Our autonomic nervous system, heart rate, body meridians or energy centers can be positively or negatively impacted by a variety of factors and inputs that play a key role in our overall health and balance. All sounds, whether it's music, machinery, nature, or speech, have sound and vibrations that are transmitted and translated in some form outside and inside our system. To enhance the benefits of the knowledge of sound and vibration, we need to understand the language of sound and use it to help restore balance and healing processes.

Numerous vocal and instrumental sounds have been used since ancient civilizations for healing. Unfortunately, our modern medicine still has misconceptions and is looking for proof rather than accepting and utilizing natural, bio, or holistic healing. However, we are here to talk about the positive benefits of reiki sonic healing.

The human voice produces more therapeutic effects than any music or sound instrument. I'm not talking about terrible sounds that people watch on media or listen to via phone or car audio. Harmful vibrations and sounds are everywhere, and we filter them out and don't pay attention to them, but they don't help us stay balanced, peaceful, or healthy.

I use several sound instruments in my Reiki Sonic therapy, including Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes, tuning forks, portal tones, the sound of nature, Solfeggio tones, harmonic of the Schumann resonance, and music attuned to positive frequencies. I choose therapy and sound based on the patient's needs whether it's  looking for balance, treatment of Illness, disease. Everything is based on being out of balance, and the process of restoration starts with reiki energy healing and sound therapy.

The benefits of reiki energy healing and sound therapy are amazing, including my youngest patient of 2 years of age and the oldest gentleman who was 103 years old. Through the reiki sonic healing sessions, specific frequencies are played, and specific vibrations are transmitted to target the desired field of recovery, whether it's an organ, heart, tissues, bone, or overall balance. Minimal vibro-acoustic therapy is 30 minutes, and many patients are in a state of relaxation and openness to healing after the first 6-15 minutes. It's important that they don't block their own healing process with conscious effort or negative emotions like anger, anxiety, or control. They start to relax and let go, and the process of sound and vibrational therapy can work through the system and start to restore balance where it is needed.

Even if you have pain in your heel or stomach, more is involved than just the specific part of the body. Depending on the patient and condition, the improvement can be from 20% to 80% in the first Reiki Sonic session if it takes 60 minutes. There are studies that show that patients who are on antidepressants, smokers addicted to specific substances, etc., see more improvement after 2 weeks of therapy. Of course, sustaining and maintaining the improved level requires the patient's participation.

Reiki Sonic therapy and the importance of sound on the HRV (Heart Variability Rate) can strongly improve the state of well being, relaxation, decrease state of anger, stress,

Through the healing sessions are played specific frequencies and transmitted specific vibrations to target desired field of recovery, if it’s an organ, heart, tissues, bone or overall balance, everything is corresponding to a specific vibration and can be positively stimulated to achieve coherence in the autonomous nervous system. Our minimum for a vibro-acoustic therapy is 30 min as it takes patients 6-15 minutes to just relax and open themselves to heal. That means not blocking their own healing process with a conscious effort or anger, anxiety, control etc. and just letting go so that the process of sound and vibrational therapy can work through the system and start to recreate the balance in the place where it is needed. 

Based on the patient and condition, that improvement is visible more after 2 weeks of therapy.  After therapy and healing, are you willing to sustain and maintain the improved level or will you keep working against yourself? It takes longer to heal with patients who focus on complaining and getting sympathy and being a victim for life. 

When we will discuss deeper the benefits of the Reiki Sonic therapy and the importance of sound on the HRV- Heart variability rate. Deep breathing, meditation and of course holistic therapy in the form of Reiki Sonic therapy can strongly improve the state of wellbeing, relax, decrease state of anger, stress, hypertension etc. The state of wellbeing and to maintain it, improve it depends on the stressors that the patient is exposed to. Reiki Sonic therapy, breathing, yoga, and healthy life choices are natural anti-depressants and improve health and well being if they are regularly applied or exercised. 

Our health can be declining or improving, our immunity depends on what we think, do, eat. 

I teach physical and mental exercises to improve thought patterns. Along with exercises, enough good healthy sleep and time in the nature you can achieve miracles with yourself – your health.

When you don’t give up and stay to your intentions, with a few Reiki Sonic treatments you will experience stronger improvements in your conditions to full recovery. 

The flow of the energy and balance of the energetic centers, meridians, the flow of the energy strongly improves already after the first 2-3 sessions. 

Usual statement from the patients after the session, when I ask how they feel is: I feel calm, I feel much better, I feel a sense of well being. More clarity and so peaceful. Many of them are very emotional. This very relaxed state of being stays for the next few days. If you are not exposed to extreme high levels of stressors. 

The importance of sound in our life is very major, even when people can imagine it is easier without sound than without vision, but the sound is the magic. When people start the therapy session the majority are in a state of resting or sleep in the first 6 min. of the therapy.  People who are used to meditate or are in a more advanced state of spirituality and health conscious are fully losing the sense of everything, time space surrounding and are in the deep zone of transformation and during and after the session they are releasing fears, emotions, anger, tears that holds them back to return back after the session to a different state and awakening happy and refreshed excited for new experiences in their life. 

The intention and magic behind it is to create long-lasting and permanent changes for you, that will contribute to the true nature of your being, that means to be happy, healthy and live in bliss.

You will never regret the Reiki Sound therapy or the Vibro-acoustic Reiki therapy. I’m offering you a very different experience. This natural therapy will change your approach to natural healing and its possibilities. If it's a physical issue, illness, disease, or anxiety, grief, stress, trauma, the session, frequency and approach will be adjusted exactly to your specific needs to achieve the best possible results when you are ready for it. I’m the only reiki sonic therapist in Palm Beach, or in Florida, who offers these combinations of unique treatments that I was testing and developed over a long time period.  Even when I closed my office in Miami, I still have patients who are traveling from there to see me in West Palm  just for one- or two-hour sessions a week. I can proudly say I have patients that are traveling from other states to experience the therapy, and after several sessions they travel back home. Because it’s worth the experience and improvement. 

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By: Rev. Dr. Erik Kucera

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