Vedantin Rev. Dr. E Rish Kucera DEM, CBFC. is a Doctor of Energy Modalities, Spiritual Adviser, Counselor and a Certified Brain Fitness Coach. Eriks focus on healing combines different fields like intuitive reiki, sound healing, light therapy, mind reset therapy and ancient wisdom knowledge that interconnect to create the optimal solution that’s unique for each customer and their particular situation. 

His nonlinear approach to each situation has established a wide range of followers and  clients that seek his help and advice in difficult situations and medical conditions where their beliefs in allopathic medicine doesn't bring satisfying results. His treatment focuses on not just healing the current situation but to get to the cause of the problem and ignite and guide the process of deeper self healing. He has been helping people for over 20 years in different countries. He practices Reiki in West Palm Beach currently.

His journey started at a young age back in Europe where he was influenced by both eastern and western philosophy.  He spent his early childhood  with his grandmother helping her plant food and herbs and watched her prepare pure organic food with love.  This became the base of his knowledge later as he discovered the potential of food as a source of energy. He continued his deeper studies in different healing practices and got a deeper understanding of the importance and interconnection with nature. He learnt to evoke and utilize its healing powers as a source of energy and medicine which was the knowledge that took him to the path of healing and teaching today. 

His life journey and exposure to artistic expression opened for him another field that he started to discover -- the world of shapes and colors, the reflection and perception in the process of feelings and behaviour. Rish got deeper in the creative expression of drawing and painting and used his skills and visual creation as a form of therapeutic transmission of different messages to positively influence the human mind and environment as a process of programming. 

Currently popular for his spiritual counseling and reiki in West Palm beach,  Rish Kucera is sharing his wisdom and experience as an energy healer and metaphysical counselor treating patients in-person or virtually around the world.