Benefits of Vibro acoustic healing

Vibroacoustic Therapy is an FDA-approved, safe, drug-free,non-invasive approach to healing. It is a type of music-sound therapy thatinvolves passing low-frequency sound wave vibrations into the body. The therapystimulates the entire nervous system from the brain to the spine to your toes.There are proven effects on the muscular, limbic, and nervous systems.Transmitting low-frequency vibrations to specific body parts restores thenatural frequency of aging or injured cells and improves their cellularfunctions. Studies have found a 60% reduction in chronic pain in cancerpatients. *(summary of few studies quoted at the end). VAT therapy is notsuggested for patients with a cardiac stimulator (pacemaker)

What is vibro acoustic healing?

VibroacousticTherapy is an FDA approved, safe, drug-free, non-invasive approach to healing.It is a type of music-sound therapy that involves passing low frequency soundwave vibrations into the body. The therapy stimulates the entire nervous systemfrom the brain to the spine to your toes. There are proven effects on themuscular system, limbic system and nervous system. Transmitting low-frequencyvibrations to specific body parts restores the natural frequency of aging orinjured cells and improves their cellular functions. Studies have found a 60%reduction in chronic pain in cancer patients. *(summary of few studies quotedat the end)

Thetissues and muscles that are under a tension from injury, accident, anypain/stress get relaxed through the therapy and allow more natural blood flow. The vessels transport the natural chemical causing relaxation andstimulate recovery through the entire body. More the blood flow, better supplyof necessary elements and oxygen for faster healing/ recovery of the body.

Finlandand Norway are utilizing VAT in their hospitals as supplemental methods fortreatments such as chronic pain, sub clinical depression and Parkinson’sdisease in their hospitals.

Whatconditions benefit from the therapy

·       Stress

·       Burnout

·       Anxiety and or Depression

·       High Blood pressure

·       Getting clarity, calming down

·       ANS- Autonomous nervous system

·       Chronic Pain (pain longer than 12 weeks)

·       PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is

·       Asthma

·       COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, orCOPD, refers to a group of diseases that cause airflow blockage andbreathing-related problems.)

·       Nightmares - restless sleep

·       Restless leg syndrome (pain, tingling andnumbness of feet)

·       Concentration and brain function improvement

·       Physical injuries

·       Weight loss support

·       Relax, balancing

What youneed to do?

You justneed to comfortably lay down on a special bed relaxing and listening to musicduring the session, it is not invasive sound therapy. Take achance on this unique experience of sound and vibration.

Summaryof few research studies of VAT

Studieshave also found that one can transmit low-frequency sounds to match the naturalfrequency in an injured muscle. This method is thought to release muscletension, improve blood circulation, and increase metabolism (Punkanen andAla-Ruona 2012).

Thereare over more than 30 years of worldwide practice of the therapy with no sideeffects. One study by Brewer and Coope (2003) found a 60% reduction in chronicpain in their 40 cancer patients after controlled pre- and post- evaluations.

Studiesshows that sound waves move through water at least 5 times more efficientlythan through the air and hence a water based treatment bed is used for thistreatment.


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