Understanding Holistic Energy Healing and its Importance

Our body is powered by energy. The major well-known energy centers are the seven chakras which are placed in seven different points in our body. They are associated at all levels: spiritual, emotional and physical. These centers are responsible for distributing the life energy, also known as Qi or Prana. Our health can be maintained only when our system is aligned and the energy is flowing smoothly.

One of the main causes for illnesses is imbalance in the flow of energy across the body through these energy centers. When the energy blockages are removed and all the cells, tissues and muscles are stimulated to be balanced to the right vibrational frequency, the process of natural healing guided by our own brain can start and we will see profound shifts in our physical and emotional health.

As a Reiki healer in Miami beach, I have several people who call to understand alternative energy healing and reiki healing a bit better. Aionveda’s holistic energy treatment is a combination of multiple techniques making it more robust to stimulate the process of healing. The techniques that we use, work directly with the physical, emotional and spiritual body to positively influence all aspects to bring about holistic healing and wellness.

I have many clients that approaches me with problems like despair, sadness, trauma, burnout, recovery, emotional disbalance, loneliness, stress, physical conditions like cold, flu, viral infections, head, stomach aches etc. At the Aionveda healing center in Miami beach, we also have clients that approaches us with serious illnesses such as heart disease, injury, after surgery recovery, during and post chemotherapy, PSTD, etc.

Lots of people are now looking for reiki near me where they can easily learn more and experience an alternative way of healing. Most people are not aware, about any energy flow in their body, and the importance of balance. It is important to remove the blocks on mental, emotional and physical level so that the energy can flow freely, and process of healing automatically starts. Around the world, different cultures use different types of energy healing techniques. We use a combination of five techniques depending on the clients situation to maximize the positive healing effect.

Reiki Healing - Originally from Japan, “Rei” meaning "God’s wisdom" and “Ki” meaning “energy”. Aionveda’s Intuitive Reiki healing, follows the guidance to cure an illness from the core versus providing temporary relief.

Our reiki healing center in Miami beach is also for regular rejuvenation to remove any blocks created by day to day stress to keep healthy and can be done once a week like a massage. Reiki uses the channelized energy of the Universe for healing, rejuvenation and protection. Pranic Healing Prana energy enters the body in two streams.

The “Life force energy” is distributed to the physical body, it is invisible and we are experiencing it in many forms as emotions, thoughts, sensations. For Pranic healing, we stimulate the energy and boost the process of powerful body’s life force self-healing to restore and heal the body. This therapy starts from inside and moves to the Physical body, Astral-Emotional body and Mental body to align all with the Causal body.

We are all energy beings vibrating in different frequencies and this treatment brings alignment. This therapy, helps to release the negative and toxic elements from inside to accelerate the healing process.

1. Crystal Healing

Each of our energy centers can be balanced and supported by different subjects. Stones and crystals are used for this healing process with specific charge to remove negative energies and other impurities that harm our body and specific energy fields. Based on the target, we use specific stones and crystals. These stones and crystals help stimulate the positive healing flow of the energy to restore the balance. They store energy and are powerful transmitters that help heal the physical, emotional and spiritual problems. At Aionveda reiki healing center in Miami Beach, we are surrounded by crystals. Experiencing the crystal healing therapy twice a month brings about holistic healing for health and happiness.

2. Quantum Healing

Quantum therapy is another holistic healing solution based on the body’s energy fields and resonance. Increasing the energy level in the overall physical and mental body is achieved in a combination of breathing and visual process of energy flow. Quantum Healing stimulates the nervous system, increases the oxygen level and blood circulation with positive effect on the mood, awareness, immune system and on the overall energy level of the spiritual and physical levels. When this all is aligned and works in harmony, your causal body and healing, being, living will reach another stage.

3. Sound Healing

Or Sonic reset therapy is a stimulant for wellbeing and healing to help acoustically and vibrationally restore the balance and ignite the healing. This therapy is based on vibrational frequency that is in a specific attunement.  This music and sound we are listening to, has a wide spectrum of application beside physical body healing. We have different forms of sound, great example is nature, sound of wind, rain, running water etc.

These sounds help release the blockages and stimulate peacefulness, calmness, help reshape the momentum - the state of being and emotions. At the Aionveda healing center in West Palm Beach, we have specific healing music tuned to a certain resonance that is used for the treatment.

4. Remote Energy Treatment

This is a treatment where the patient is not in the same room, place, or city or even country. It makes no difference how powerful and beneficial remote treatments are. This can be a combination of color, sound and vibrational energy and can be uniquely applied at any distance. Audio-visual-vibrational techniques are necessary for powerful healing even when these forces are invisible and for many, unbelievable, but in the moment, we can focus and are able to experience and tap into this world healing. We are able to achieve even miraculous healing in a short time period.

Consulting Conversations

At our Miami Beach reiki healing center, we emphasize on having regular energy treatment followed by consulting as it plays a key role in the therapy.

It is about guiding you, making you understand and see the bigger picture from a different angle to realize how certain circumstances and experiences come into your life. Psychosomatic aspect and your brain programming tremendously influence your wellbeing. The progress depends on the ability of the client to cooperate and being open to the treatment and following the guidance given during the consulting sessions. Active participation of the patient is necessary to be able to successfully treat the patients. They need to be willing to make changes to their attitude and thinking to prevent the problems from recurring and heal from the core.

Through this treatment you can be happy, healthy, successful. Have faith and take the first step to co-create a new life with us.

In our next article we will focus, what we can do at home to support and keep yourself in balance.

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