Case Studies

Examples of successful treatments


Harry was a 44 year old marketing director working for a large company. He was extremely hardworking with several late nights powered by coffee and was suffering from strong migraine for over 5 years. He had problems to fall asleep almost each night and was sleeping on a buckwheat hard pillow with a tight towel on his head to manage the pain.

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Patty was a 39y old business leader who despite trying different diets and exercise had a problem losing weight and also wasn’t able to have a fulfilled life with a loving partner.  She wasn’t ever to stay in a relationship for too long. She was one of the few woman leaders in her workspace. 

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Case of knee pain

Raysa is a housewife in London spent living her life for family and taking care of the household. Her life and circumstances over the years take a toll on her health. She was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis and received both knee replacement to be able to walk again. She continued to have knee pain even after more than 6 months after surgery which was considered unusual. The surgeon suggested a second surgery if the pain is continuing to remove an overgrown tissue. Raysa took her sons recommendation to take energy sonic treatment for the next few weeks.

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Case of depression and heart attack

Darna is a 65y old lady who lost her job, a year before retirement. She was never able to overcome this situation and emotionally going deeper in depression and feeling of being betrayed and lost. She was finding it hard to find another job and the stress and financial worries escalated to a stroke leading later to a second massive heart attack. The doctor mentioned that that she will not be able to survive without a heart transplantation. She was in a state of shock as she had only 6months to live without a transplant and to get the right organ and the chance of surviving this operation is low. Her life was on end. 

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Case of pregnancy and extreme sickness

Jessica 32 y old was a young woman living in Georgia, pregnant and awaiting her first child. She was having significant nausea problems and trouble keeping every meal in her. Despite visiting multiple specialists and physicians, she wasn’t able to reestablish her health and the western medicine option for nausea had a side effect of miscarriage. She was losing considerable weight and throwing up after each meal when we met. 

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Virus healing

Josh a 43 year old man was successful analyst in Wall street who was spending a lot of time working, traveling, meeting clients and friends. He was a person who enjoyed life, parties, fast food and alcohol. He got the virus and was scared and afraid to die. He lost a ton of energy, with fever and had breathing problems. 

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