Reiki sonic treatment


Reiki Sonic treatment is a combination of vibrational energy healing combined with sonic treatment with healing power of Ki, the Healing energy of Reiki with focus on specific areas of your physical and auric body where the source of the healing Ki energy is guided. Please read detailed description below

1 hour

Acoustic reiki healing is done with help of music, tuning forks, Crystal quartz bowls and Tibetan singing bowls. Certain musical instruments and tones, are selected specifically to target and balance the chakras, and to reset your energy output that is vibrating out of your body. The instruments and music are attuned to The Solfeggio frequencies to achieve the full twelve scale octave overtones of the music created.

Benefits of regular Reiki sonic treatments

  • Our emotional and physical body can be protected without a compromise
  • Maintain the rebuilding and energizing of each cell in your body
  • With the right nutrition and healing therapy you will experience a boost in the level of energy and optimism.
  • It will initiate the process of detoxification of the body
  • New programing will be initiated to improve the health and mindfulness
  • You will feel calm, happy and energized based on multiple aspects and all starts from you.

"Sound, color and other natural healing therapies have been around for centuries and will be at a different stage of evolution if it wasn’t driven underground by the pharmaceutical industry. Sound, light, color and quietness are amazing treatments for healing when you are open to experiencing it and realizing that it is all about vibrational frequency" Dr. Erik Kucera

Dr. Erik Kucera offers reiki treatments in Miami beach in person or remotely across the world

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