What is energy healing?

Our body is powered by energy. The major well-known energy centers are the seven chakras which are placed in seven different points in our body. They are associated at all levels: spiritual, emotional and physical. These centers are responsible for distributing the life energy, also known as Qi or Prana. Our health can be maintained only when our system is aligned and the energy is flowing smoothly. One of the main causes for illnesses is imbalance in the flow of energy across the body through these energy centers. When the energy blockages are removed and all the cells, tissues and muscles are stimulated to be balanced to the right vibrational frequency, the process of natural healing guided by our own brain can start and you will see profound shifts in your physical and emotional health.


Please tell us about your healing therapy and why it is different.

I focus on holistic healing that is much more complex and penetrates deeper. My focus is to get body, mind, emotions and spirit in alignment. Due to my interest in many natural healing modalities like sound healing, color therapy, intuitive reiki healing. I have been able to develop my own unique healing practices. It’s a combination of years of my studies and experience and my spiritual intuition. I have been experimenting the last couple of decades till I perfected techniques that penetrate the body much more deeper and yield results quickly. Today people are looking more and more towards alternative healing and are leaning towards the natural approach.


Which type of people should consider therapy with you?

Energy treatment is for everyone. It's like having our daily nutrition to keep ourselves in the best of health. For healthy and fit people we have regular rejuvenation treatments to continue to be aligned and help the energy to flow without any blockages and keep them energized. For others who may have physical or psychosomatic issues, we take a step by step approach which includes changes in lifestyle, food and removing internal blockages and treating them from the core. Once they are healthy, we move them to more regular rejuvenation sessions to continue to remain healthy.


How is emotion connected with physical ailments

Almost every illness is based on mental and emotional imbalance. We are creating the environment by carrying our negative experiences from the past, stress, fears, beliefs, excessive desires etc. Each thought and feeling has its own vibrational frequency. All these thoughts and our reactions to it affect our energetical and physical body. Many times we store and drag our past with us for the entire life which is like a venom circulating in our body. The more energy we put into any negative thought, the more influence it will have and the more depth it will get. Every muscle, tissue, organ and in fact each molecule has a memory where these experiences get stored and cause physical ailments.


Further to the question above, have you been able to heal emotional ailments?

All of us are affected by different experiences some time or the other and every case we have has an element of it. It is not just our experiences but we are also constantly bombarded with information from social media and television which leave its influence. In our sessions, we focus on finding the core of these issues and we start to work on it. We slowly help the patient release these emotions and then through our energy treatments we stimulate the body to release these blockages and realign and start the process of self-healing.


What are the misconceptions about reiki healing?

Many people never had the opportunity to experience or even read about alternative healing and balancing therapy. There are many different schools and approaches to reiki therapy, the process, and the therapist. What is the right one?

How to choose? It many times depends on what you are comfortable experiencing. You can get remote distance energy reiki healing or in person which is available in your area. Remote treatment is for many people sometimes hard to believe, not to be in the same room, place, city, or state as the therapist. In today’s availability of information online, you can easily research and read about the benefits of the treatment for your overall health.


Does Reiki Have Side Effects or Harm?

A natural healing process if it, Sound therapy, Energy healing, Reiki, etc. always enhances your overall health and life force. You can experience a mild headache, tingling through your body through the treatment, or just comfortably fall asleep. It depends on the patient and his body, what it really needs. When we talk about the release of negative feelings, and energies, starting the healing process, you can feel worse for the first moment, more tired, that’s all normal and it is a sign that the healing is in progress. You must first open and let go of the old that the new and better can stay. So, it is a natural process of healing. This kind of therapy is non-invasive is not painful and doesn’t cost side effects, harm, etc.


How to choose the right therapist?

Read about the person and ask questions. I personally offer a 30min free consultation that the patient has the chance to meet me and get the feeling if he or she would like to be treated by me or not. The same thing is from my side, not each connection works.

When I should speak for myself, I have a very special sattvic - aionvedic diet, and a pure lifestyle to allow me the ability to heal the patient to his or her full potential. Following and living a specific Universal eastern philosophy that gives me the approach and abilities that I have and practice.


What’s the difference between the therapists and their treatment?

School, practice, approach, belief, lifestyle, etc. each experience is different. You have many schools; it is not if one is better than the other one. The Reiki energy will heal you the same way if someone studied in the US or Japan or UK, etc. It is the approach and additional abilities from the energy psychic world that some have to reach a different level and help in a deeper way.


Who can take reiki healing sessions?

Reiki healing is for everyone whether you have an illness or not. Your body needs constant rejuvenation. Daily we are going through so many situations, circumstances, and our lifestyle, the stress level is bringing us out of the natural balance, what we can experience in a different way maybe later because we are not aware of what is happening. I have patients who come to me weekly or twice a month for a rebalance therapy, the realign. Take it as a form of massage, on an energetical level that your body will receive and benefit from it, to raise your vibrations, get more clarity about what is happening inside and around.

A natural healing process if it is, Sound therapy, Energy healing, Reiki, etc. always enhances your overall health and life force.


Can Energy healing only be done in person when the healer is next to you?

You can experience a remote or distance energy reiki healing, where you can be anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home, and the session will work on the distance, I personally specialize in distance healing and have patients all over the world taking regular treatments from me. I also have patients who are coming for treatment in person. The are no limits where the energy will be applied, no distance limit, etc.


What is Remote Distance Energy Healing?

The base for this treatment is Intuitive Reiki. Distance healing is the Universal source of Energy as a life force that is flowing through each of us. This energy called "life force" is moving or flowing through our physical body and kept in our energy centers called chakras, and the main chakras in our body are the seven chakras. The Chakras distribute this source of energy to the meridians, as pathways through our whole body.  Each of us is a source of vibrations and slowed down energy. It can be higher or lower ones. In this invisible field of energy, there are different colors and multiple layers. This Life Source energy flows within this field, to extend and change it. It is our communication and protection shield.


Can reiki energy healing be done on pets like cats, dogs, etc.?

Energy healing is successfully practiced on animals and plants, from my experience. I never treated any plants but have treated few animals. It is very interesting and the animals feel that it will benefit them. Animals intuitively will even turn towards your hands with the part of the body that needs specific attention.


Is Energy healing affiliated with a certain religion?

No! Energy healing has nothing to do with any religion. It works for everyone.  It is only your belief if you will accept this kind of treatment and its benefits, or not. It is your own belief and practice of religion. Not the practice or belief from the side of the therapist. I personally treat many international clients who are a part of a variety of religions looking for a holistic healing solution. I am also a reiki healer in Miami Beach where people from any faith can come and experience it in person.


How does reiki energy healing work? Can it remove my negativity?

This energy works from the auric field around our body to the tiniest quarks inside of it. Each molecule, cell, bone, organ, gland, tissue is affected by this energy which is necessary for life.

This type of healing affects our emotions, feelings, and helps to release negativity, bitterness, anger, stress, fear, etc. from our systems. All these negative sources of energy cause the disruption in our system that in many cases either consciously or unconsciously, very negatively influence overall health, auric field, and energy that we send out, and attract more negative circumstances or interruption in our health, and lowers the amount of energy necessary for our happy and healthy life.

Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field and charging them with positive energy. It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where the negative thoughts and feelings are attached. This causes the negative energy to break apart and fall away. In so doing, Reiki clears, straightens, and heals the energy pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way.


What is Reiki Sonic therapy?

Throughout the World, there are a variety of different approaches and techniques used for healing. Reiki Sonic therapy is based on the Life force energy KI, or Universal energy of life, combined with my intuitive approach to the process using sound as part of the therapy.  As a source of sound therapy, we use the sound of nature, specific music, Tibetan singing bowls, and Crystal bowls. This combination of techniques boosts the process of healing.


Do you offer phone consultations?

Yes, we offer phone and video consultations in addition to in person.


Do you offer specific help to patients with brain diseases?

Yes, different brain illnesses, Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, PTSD symptoms, feeling lost, burn-out, etc. These treatments are customized always depend on patients and their needs. we always offer only holistic pure natural treatments supported with our others healing procedures as Reiki Sonic Therapy, Energy Healing, and Counseling.