Ananda Swaroopa package: path to enlightenment (beginner course)


Inner knowing as a fuel, to power your body, mind and spirit connection for physical manifestation of your deepest desires You are the co-creator when you realize your unlimited potential and listen to your inner voice. Many of us believe that we may be able to fulfil our desires but inner knowing is knowing from deep within you without a doubt that you can attain whatever you desire be it good health, wealth or a fulfilling relationship. When you are attuned to your true nature you are able to co-create and have a fulfilled life

6 hours

Holistic package to a fulfilling life:

● Over the mountains to the sea: Unlock blockages by getting to the root cause of your physical or psychosomatic conditions (fear, anxiety) and become healthy and strong
● Becoming your dream: Art of embracing your desires and achieving great results
● Getting ready to be ready: Get in alignment to meet the right person
● Reunited: Building a deeper connection and a successful relationship with your partner


● Providing an understanding that you are powered by different sources of energy
● Obtaining mental clarity of your goals and purpose in life and the process of visualization
● Understanding your blockages through the powerful visions of the healer
● Releasing in the past to being in the now and seeing the tomorrow
● Boosting the life energy through healing sessions
● Guidance on deepening the connection with people around you
● Brain and breath exercises for agility and brain fitness to reach your goal
● Personalized sessions with active participation from you to deepen the experience

We have two packages that you can choose from:

Planting the seed Package:

● This basic introduction package that will take you to a different level of awareness and achievement possibilities and provide you the basic knowledge to be able to successfully continue down the path
● It includes 4 counselling sessions to take you through a step by step approach to start the journey
● 2 distance energy healing sessions – one in the beginning and one towards the end. Distance energy sessions help to see visions of blockages, start the process to remove them, rebalance the energy flow for the body and bring you in alignment with the universe to achieve your desires
● Total package cost: $875

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