Your healing and your health is in your hands

Food is for most of us a source of energy each day. We start and finish the day with food. We love to eat, to talk about food, prepare it, find new recipes and restaurants. But how many of you actually realize that food beside the source of energy and life has even completely opposite outcomes (outcome, range of effect on the body, mind and soul). 

Through many years of my practice and observing my clients/ patients I saw lots of destruction, poisoning, addiction, and illness caused by food. We all love to eat and love food, but how to know what is really good for us? We have so many cultures, diets, approaches - what is good and what not. How to start? 

Yes, you can heal and rejuvenate with the right type of food or destroy your health. So what is worth for you? A true story: Once I met a man who was addicted to food. He was eating and eating, taking more medication just to keep his addiction to eat. When his medical condition gets worse, mental and physical, I meet him in Miami Beach to evaluate his health and if I can do reiki healing therapy and also help him change his habits. After a short time of observing and talking to him, it will be just a waste of my time as he had no intention to take his health seriously. When someone feels that food is more important than health despite diabetes, heart problems, and obesity to an extent that he could not put his own shoes on, it was not enough, as he said: I prefer to die 15-20 years earlier than eat healthy. Well, we can wish him to enjoy his ride and experience. What I want to say with these few thoughts? We cannot save or help, teach anybody who isn’t ready or see the importance in food as medicine and source of life. Everybody should have the experience that they come here to learn from it. 

On another side, I met a client, a younger 36 year old lady, with anxiety and seizures. Unfortunately the medicine she was prescribed had a lot of side effects and she wasn’t aware of how the lifestyle and dietary habits influenced her conditions. After two remote reiki healing energy treatments where we unblocked her anxiety issues, we started counseling sessions going over her food habits, explaining and evaluating the value of energy in the food intake. She was very receptive and shocked about how much damage you can do to your brain, body and even influence your emotions. In the two months we were able to completely change her diet and approach to life, her medical condition improved and she didn’t need any medication. She maintained her healthy food habits, exercise with vitamins and supplements. What’s the point of the story? Improvement to health and happiness is not just in the hands of the healer but very much up to how much you are willing to change and adhere to the guidance. 

The word: Diet, originally is from ancient Greeks of the word: “diaita,” which means “the way of life”. 

What is your way of life?  What kind of energy in the form of food is powering you? Healthy light, organic, home prepared? or the opposite? Think about it and when you are ready for change, we will explain the energetical value and powers that nourishing fresh food can offer as well as which foods benefit you and improve your health and emotional state of being and happiness.

This blog is written by Dr. Erik Kucera who currently lives and practices spiritual counseling, teaching and reiki healing in West Palm Beach

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