Reason of Being

When we meditate upon the question, “What is the purpose of my life” or listen to our inner voice, we may get many answers. In the end all of them are streaming towards the same thing.

Today I would like to explain the Japanese concept ikigai – meaning “a reason for being”. Ikigai originated in the Island of Okinawa.

Ikigai is divided into 4 basics: passion, mission, profession and vocation. Ikigai points out to the intersection of what you love and what you are good at with what the world needs and is willing to pay for. A convergence of spiritual and practical is ikigai.

In the end what would you like to focus? Many a time we compromise our passions to settle for a good salary and get ourselves a job that we are not happy with.

When I was growing up, I had the feeling to do something different. To create something that will be beneficial for many of us. When I started Aionveda, many people were asking “Are you sure you will be able to accomplish it? How long it will take to reach this type of change and impact on humanity and guiding people to a different direction to open their eyes. My answer was even when I may not able to see all the fruits of this mission, I have started to plant the little seeds and little trees that will grow to powerful trees that will give fruits, shade and food for those who are looking for it.

Many people after being through difficult circumstances are maybe somewhat lost, given up hope and the belief that it can be different. This is where actually my talks, the messages and my teachings have helped my clients and patients to find their way back to who they are. I guide them on how to listen to their own inner voice and to not get influenced by what other people say.

When you have this deep desire to create something, to give something to this world just follow it. Follow the path even when you are not sure how to do it, you don’t need to know all the details now, you just need to know why. The why, is the target and the what will follow and after you put your energy and heart into it, the path how will start to unfold in front of you. Let’s say, you will be guided by a navigation system, so what you need to know now? The first move, the turn how to start the path, and not focus what will be in a month or year etc…  All starts from inside out. As you start the path, the opportunity will show up and you will be guided to accomplish this mission.

Its is about the true meaning of life. To create something not for yourself and your ego experience. It is about our selfless action which is the true path to fulfillment. Think about it and be the change and an example to the others that all is possible. As long as we do it from our heart and don’t give up.

Are you the creator of your life and experience? Are you really living a life or just doing what others say?

Don’t ignore the dreams deep inside, dont let it always stay as just a question “how it could be, when you just took the chance, the chance to follow your heart rather than stay comfortable in a game that someone created for you to live?”

You are unlimited, the limits are only in your mind, and you are the only one who can change it and rewrite it. So, are you ready to write and live the life the way you are meant to?

This blog is written by Dr. Erik Kucera who is a reiki healer in West Palm beach

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