Impact of right food for Brain and Body

From my experience of energy healing and practice over the few years, I explain to each patient how much we influence everything with our brain, and how the brain gets influenced by our habits and food addictions. When I started offering my services as a certified brain health and fitness coach and doctor of energy modalities, the majority of my clients were completely unaware of the emotional, physical and mental connection of health. 

Our health needs to be balanced and none of the aspects can be left behind for establishing and maintaining our overall wellbeing. Aging, different degenerative diseases, and the environment are playing a major role in our mental health. Brain exercises, regular mental, emotional and physical activities are necessary to keep us healthy and improve our brains cognitive abilities and memory. It is also important to understand how to change your food habits, learn the true value about converting food -- a regular source of energy into more dynamic vibrational energy that contributes to our healing and growth.

Our Spiritual counseling sessions on food for the brain and body is a way of conscious healing process that gives you the necessary knowledge and tools on how to protect yourself and start the process of healing and make the right conscious choices for your health and happiness.

In this age of pollution, electromagnetic smog and allergies it is critical for even healthy people to understand the right fruits, vegetables and minerals, food combinations, reading labels, how to prepare food and finally eat the right way for long term good health. We share all this knowledge as part of our sessions with our customers. Simple energetic food  suggestions from the Aionvedic kitchen, recipes for food as well as dessert that are simple and easy and healthy to make and are delicious are available.

Food and the process of preparation and its consumption is a key part of the rejuvenation and healing process of the body. Through a step by step process we help you clean your food habits through which you will feel more positive energy and strength day by day. The uplift in the physical energy is going to help immensely with any emotional health situations as well.

The realization of how our thoughts, food and their energy are shaping our biology is fundamental, and when we learn and understand the process, we can rewrite our biology and state of being.

Dr. Erik Kucera practices spiritual counseling, teaching and reiki healing in West Palm Beach, Florida USA.

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