Aionveda’s philosophy of healing

Our physical health is our own reflection, the mirror or indicator of our mental health and state of being. Aionveda Reiki healings' dynamic approach for spiritual and physical health is holistic and doesn’t treat one part in isolation. Aionveda’s spiritual healing treatment is based on the healing the whole-body, mind and soul as one. Each treatment starts with the power of your mind and knowledge that we ourselves are in charge to stimulate our own health and the body to heal.

​As the healing starts from inside, the illness starts from inside. When our core is healthy, it is not vulnerable to negative observed circumstances and energies that can occur in our life. With the process of daily introspection, we can see, and follow the trace of losing our energy on negative aspects which are already based on judgmental observation that was programmed in our mind.

Mind exercise and training of positive thoughts and right thinking is necessary to eliminate negativity, fear depression etc. This is a big focus of Aionveda Reiki Healing Solutions. From the energetic point of view, each feeling and thought has energy and how we use this energy is in our hands. Many a time we are influenced by it on the conscious and subconscious level without even recognizing it as a source of weakness, illness, resistance and breakdown.

Focus only on purely materialism and basic satisfaction of our physical senses are a straight path to different illness and unfulfilled emotional life, where everything is evaluated and replaced by financial currency and physical possessions. A fulfilled happy life is based on symbiotic connection and attuning at all levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual so that all works together. For the process of healing the balance must be restored and that’s the core of Aionveda Reiki healing solutions' focus

The influential and strong base for Erik’s practice is his metaphysical art and its energy and influence on the observer. Rev. Erik’s spiritual knowledge includes nature, crystals, numerology, water, quantum physics, behavioral kinesiology, orthomolecular science, sacred geometry, vibrations and patterns of interference, energy, science, ancient healing technologies.

“The physical life experience is a school, full of lesson that we choose to learn from. Enlightenment is to be awake and aware”.

The Body – Mind – Soul connection is the complex system that influences the healing process. Rev. Kucera’s responsibility as a mentor, is to help you to become more aware of the of well -being, happiness and health. Dr. Erik Kucera practices in person spiritual counseling and reiki healing in West Palm Beach as well as remotely.

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