Case Studies


Jessica 32 y old was a young woman living in Georgia, pregnant and awaiting her first child. She was having significant nausea problems and trouble keeping every meal in her. Despite visiting multiple specialists and physicians, she wasn’t able to reestablish her health and the western medicine option for nausea had a side effect of miscarriage. She was losing considerable weight and throwing up after each meal when we met.  

Treatment and results

During Jessicas first distance energy treatment I got visions of certain emotional situations from her childhood related to being separated from her parents that was still blocking her and producing fear related to her child. Counseling revealed that she was facing a very complicated situation with her partner not ready for the child and she wasn’t ready for the situation either and was having the baby due to pressure from family.  After just two energy treatments and counseling along with significant dietary changes, her nausea and vomiting completely stopped. She was able to get over her fears and get ready and be excited for her child. Jessica is keeping up with healthier life, and happiness to enjoy every day and being ready for baby. She continues to send me pictures of her journey immensely grateful for the help