Case Studies


Raysa is a housewife in London spent living her life for family and taking care of the household. Her life and circumstances over the years take a toll on her health. She was diagnosed with osteo-arthritis and received both knee replacement to be able to walk again. She continued to have knee pain even after more than 6 months after surgery which was considered unusual. The surgeon suggested a second surgery if the pain is continuing to remove an overgrown tissue. Raysa took her sons recommendation to take energy sonic treatment for the next few weeks. 


Within three sessions Raysa felt a difference. Her lifelong psychosomatic problems were slowly released through counseling and healing. She started becoming aware of all the negativities that she still held that was holding her back and causing her ill health. The pain from a piece of overgrown skin disappeared through the energy treatments. Raysa started wearing the right recommended orthodic shoes, followed the improved diet, and with the new habits, lived without pain and enjoyed more happiness in her life after the emotional release.