Case Studies


Darna is a 65y old lady who lost her job, a year before retirement. She was never able to overcome this situation and emotionally going deeper in depression and feeling of being betrayed and lost. She was finding it hard to find another job and the stress and financial worries escalated to a stroke leading later to a second massive heart attack. The doctor mentioned that that she will not be able to survive without a heart transplantation. She was in a state of shock as she had only 6months to live without a transplant and to get the right organ and the chance of surviving this operation is low. Her life was on end. 


Darna started taking regular healing and counseling sessions and started following the specific spiritual diet change that was advocated. With absolute faith in the alternative therapy confidently refused the transplantation taking her chance and trusting me that she will be able to live and heal without this surgery that never could save her life. She started working at her daughters flower business something she always enjoyed as a hobby and started to feel a sense of value and happiness. After my suggestion she visited another doctor and got a pacemaker instead of a heart transplant. Darna started a new life, with different approach, and she is still alive 5 years after she was told she had 6 months to live without a transplant. Shes successfully able to take care of herself, and is seeing the cardiologist just twice a year. The power of our own desire to heal and belief rather that stay a victim and live the life in fear brought Darna to a good healthy life.